Arte muranese

The Muranese art S.A.S. was born in Murano in 1983 thanks to the Glass Master Luciano Nichetto's will, who decides, after having worked for more than 30 years in various famous glassworks in Murano (Seguso Vetri d'Arte, Vincenzo Nason) to go in for the activity on his own.

So it starts a new period of work at the same time artistic, refined and innovative.

In 1990 also his son Gianni begins the same career, having his father as example and master; so he continues the familiar tradition in the work of Murano glass. Joining together both the father's experience and his son's creativity, the Muranese Art creates vases and lamps which are modern classic, extremely particular and unique of their kind, with combinations of innovative materials and colours.

Anyway the tradition is prepared by creating also the classic 18th century glasses, the necklaces with glass pearls and chandeliers in Venetian style, which are executed in the different styles, from the simplest one of 1920s to the most elaborated and very precious Rezzonico.

Luciano Nichetto